Jeff Beard, Chief Operating Officer, Infutor

Jeff manages and drives all product and marketing initiatives, streamlining strategic growth of new solutions and verticals. With over 25 years of product development, marketing, and data strategy experience, Jeff is a key driver of growth and improvement through all organizational departments. He provides significant expertise in the areas of product growth and innovation, strategic marketing initiatives, and corporate structure.

Prior to joining Infutor, Jeff led Data Strategy for Privacystar and Accudata Technologies. Previously, Jeff spent 13 years with Acxiom before joining TARGUSinfo in 2000, where in 2001, he lead an effort to acquire International Business List and infoNational, which was rebranded as Amacai. Jeff went on develop Localeze, a subsidiary of Amacai. TARGUS info and Amacai/Localeze were acquired by Neustar in November 2011.