Rebecca Blabolil, Chief Compliance Officer

Guaranteed Rate


Rebecca Blabolil, Chief Compliance Officer, Guaranteed Rate


As Chief Compliance Officer, Rebecca Blabolil provides strategic advice on regulations, contracts, insurance, marketing and sweepstakes. She ensures the company is compliant with all federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to mortgage lending. As Guaranteed Rate’s regulatory expert, Rebecca also ensures that disclosures are accurate and all marketing collateral is clear.

As someone who is well accustomed to operating within high-level corporate initiatives, Rebecca cites her collaboration with Guaranteed Rate’s leadership team to achieve goals within regulations as her favorite part of the job.

“Working closely with our executive team allows me to evaluate risk and help the company understand areas to avoid,” she says. “Implementing new regulations typically involves changes to policy, practice and employee behavior. Fortunately, our company does a fantastic job coming together to accomplish what is necessary.”

When she’s away from the office, the Ohio native and avid NPR fan maximizes her time outdoors by traveling, hiking and attending music festivals. Rebecca also sets aside time for family and loves being an aunt to her sister’s five children.

“We’re lucky to work for a company that has clearly defined core values,” she explains. “That really helps guide us with how we move forward. Placing an emphasis on customer service and working with the best of the best are so important. I work in compliance and legal, but those are service-oriented functions. Our sincere focus is on serving customers and doing what’s right for them. That’s how our success is ultimately defined.”