Time Session Location
6:00-7:00am Morning Charity Run with Back on My Feet
8:00-9:20am Registration & Breakfast
Welcome and Opening Remarks: The Current and Future State of Major-Life Purchases
Major-life purchases (MLP) are different from everyday shopping—for both consumers and marketers. We define a major-life purchase as one that is a big-ticket item that entails a complex buying decision with a high degree of financial and emotional risk. Unlike an impulse buy, an MLP has a long shopping cycle with significant consequences. Whether you’re a marketer at a brand, agency, lead generation business, or you facilitate comparison shopping, working in MLP markets pushes you to apply new strategies, technologies, and data to connect with your customers. This session will introduce current and evolving trends in MLP marketing that are creating opportunities to maximize customer generation in the smartest and safest ways possible.
Main Hall
Keynote: This is Marketing with Seth Godin
Great marketers, says Seth Godin, rely on empathy, connection, and emotional labor instead of attention-stealing ads and spammy email funnels. When done right, marketing seeks to make change in the world. Seth’s keynote will inspire you to build trust and permission with your target market. He’ll talk about why the old approaches to advertising and branding no longer work. His message will help set the tone for our discussions around generating new customers more effectively in ways they actually enjoy.
Main Hall
11:00-11:30am Networking Break: Meet & Greet with Seth Godin
Industry Leaders Session: People-Based Marketing and the Future of Customer Generation
It's a crowded and confusing landscape of marketing solutions. You’re likely getting approached multiple times a day with the next big thing. In this session, we'll cut through the noise to focus on the technology and data trends marketers need to succeed in the future. You'll hear from industry veterans who are leaders for major marketing technology and data companies. They will share stories, best practices, and personal experiences helping marketers solve the challenges of striking a balance between productivity and shiny things. The conversation will focus around major-life purchase markets like insurance and financial services that have longer, complex shopping and lifetime value cycles. Learn about innovations you need to be aware of such as people-based marketing; first- and third-party data strategies; and how the modern marketer will drive the future of customer generation and customer experience.
Main Hall
12:15-1:15pm Lunch
Getting a Wider View of Your Customers’ Journey With Jornaya
With so much marketing innovation happening in today’s digital age, specifically around data and technology, it’s crucial to focus on the customer experience. In this session, the Jornaya team will review the latest trends and buying patterns we see occurring across major-life purchase (MLP) journeys. We’ll share how we use our unique view of MLP markets we serve to develop and deliver solutions that brands and performance marketing partners use to deliver smart and safe interactions and, ultimately, exceptional customer experiences.
Main Hall
Industry Leaders Session: Modern Marketer Success Stories in Major-Life Purchase Industries
Get excited to hear from successful modern marketers talking about their experiences, sharing stories, and offering advice for succeeding as a major-life purchase marketer. Our panelists will share how they progressed in their careers to key marketing positions at leading brands within MLP markets. It will be a lively and interactive conversation providing perspectives and approaches to marketing today: what matters most in achieving success, the role of people, process, strategy, data, technology and more!
Main Hall
2:45-3:05pm Networking Break
3:05-3:45pm Breakout Sessions, Block 1
Identity: Do You Even Know Who I Am?
An inbound phone call to your sales agent. An email address used to login on your website. A cookie in a digital ad audience. An address in your direct mailing list. These are all different—and incomplete—identifiers for a person. If you want to market to people, you need an identity strategy that allows you to resolve disparate identifiers to the right person. This session will focus on leading practices for creating a foundational identity resolution capability within your organization.
Data Science: A Marketers Survival Guide to Data Science
Data science is a popular buzzword in the industry. Marketers are often confused around the what data scientists can do for their marketing. Data science can inform organizations about customer behavior, and advise about modifications or additions to marketing tactics and analysis methodologies. This will be an educational session led by members of the Jornaya Data Science team reviewing fundamentals of data science in practice at many of our customers and partners.
Marketing with Privacy in Mind: How to Operate in Safe Spaces
How do you pay attention to evolving privacy legislation and do what's best for your customers and prospects? Join this session for an educational and lively discussion about how doing what’s in the best interest of your customers, helps you effectively operate in safe spaces related to privacy. Taking learnings from recent actions in Europe with the GDPR and in California with CCPA, we will discuss the Golden Rule of data— treating your customers data and privacy as you would treat your own.
4:05-4:45pm Breakout Sessions, Block 2
TCPA: Current State of Compliance
If you call on SMS consumers, you need to understand and operate within the regulations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The act, originally passed in 1991, requires prior express written consent for non-emergency automatic dialing systems, artificial, or prerecorded voice messages, text messages, and fax machines. This session will provide strategies for navigating the ever-evolving requirements for compliance.
Marketing Execution: Treat Me Like a Person!
Research shows that 84% of customers want to be treated like a person, not a number. It’s the key to winning their business, according to the research by Salesforce. But what about the 16% who seem to be fine with this practice? We know marketing to a person with context matters—and consumers increasingly expect connected marketing experiences across channels and brand interactions. Yet bringing this to life at your company is no walk in the park. In this session, you’ll hear from marketers and technology experts who have successfully leveraged data and technology to create customer-centric experiences that outperform traditionally, siloed marketing campaigns.
How Lead Generation is Evolving to Cusotmer Generation
Brands and their performance marketing partners (fka lead sellers) are both trying to create optimal customer experiences to optimize acquisition, retention, and growth of their customers. It’s become clear that lead sellers have much greater potential than just selling leads. While only about 10% of website comparison shoppers become a lead, nearly 100% are exhibiting signal of intent to make a major-life purchase. By working together, brands and their partners are now focusing on “value beyond the lead” to optimize acquisition, retention, and growth. In this session, hear from brands and their performance marketing partners on how they are driving this type of success.
5:00-5:30pm Awards and Closing Remarks Main Hall
5:30-8:00pm Cocktail Reception & Art Gallery Tours Main Hall